Walk-Through Instructions

1. AOL Users
a.  Find "My AOL" located on the top menu bar of your screen. From the pull down menu, select "Preferences".

b.  A group of icons will appear, select the "W W W" (world wide web) icon.

c.  A new window will appear containing either four or five file folders depending upon which version you have.

d.  Go the last file tab on the right. This file should contain only one command concerning "Compressed Graphics".

e.  If the box contains a check mark (which means AOL is compressing graphic images so they will load faster), you must turn this off in order to view virtual tours.

f.  Click on the check mark one time with your left mouse button to disable the compression feature. Then click on "OK" or "Apply" and close out of the window.

g.  You should not have to restart AOL or your computer to be able to view Virtual Tours now.
2.  The first time a room loads takes a few minutes; do not click on anything until the room has finished loading and has started to move.  If you revisit a room the picture is available on your hard drive and will load very fast. 

3.  Rotate a picture by dragging mouse, or using right and left arrow keys.  To zoom-in on a picture press "a",  to zoom-out press "z".

4.  If a room does not load properly try another room and come back.  If you are using Netscape you may have memory problems, Internet Explorer users should not have any problems.  If you do, try closing down any open applications and check to make sure you have plenty of disk drive space.  If you don't try cleaning out your "/windows/temporary internet files" directory or your Netscape "cache" directory.  Also, check your security level, in Internet Explorer click on the menu "View" then "Internet Options" and make sure you have no more than "Medium Security" and under Advanced Options make sure you have the "Java" options checked.


Let's Get Started!